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  • 09 Feb 2007 15:58 GMT
    Shootout at Lokhandwala series tv

    Shootout at Lokhandwala

    On a calm summer day in 1991, in the bustling Lokhandwala Complex, five criminals including Maya and Dilip were counting 7....

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  • 09 Feb 2006 15:58 GMT
    Suburban Shootout series tv

    Suburban Shootout

    Suburban Shootout is a British satirical black comedy television series produced for Channel 5 and Paramount Comedy by Fee....

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  • 09 Feb 2016 15:58 GMT
    $elfie Shootout series tv

    $elfie Shootout

    Two young and broke guys concoct an online contest scheme to get sexy females to submit their selfie for $25 a pop. They s....

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  • 09 Feb 2010 15:58 GMT
    Playboy Shootout series tv

    Playboy Shootout

    Playboy Shootout is an adult reality competition airing on Playboy TV produced by America's Next Top Model director Claudi....

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  • 09 Feb 2016 15:58 GMT
    Southsea Shootout series tv

    Southsea Shootout

    A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues when a double cross by two hit men sees a business deal go sour and leaves The Targe....

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  • 09 Feb 2017 15:58 GMT
    Monsoon Shootout series tv

    Monsoon Shootout

    A rookie cop joins the crime branch of the Mumbai police department, and on his first assignment is faced with the dilemma....

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  • 09 Feb 1989 15:58 GMT
    Border Shootout series tv

    Border Shootout

    Young rancher Kirby Frye is appointed deputy in a small town tyrannized by ruthless Phil Sundeen, the son of one of the fo....

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  • 09 Feb 15:58 GMT
    Shootout series tv


    Shootout, also known as Sunday Morning Shootout, is a talk and interview program produced by the cable television network ....

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  • 09 Feb 2007 15:58 GMT
    UFC 69: Shootout series tv

    UFC 69: Shootout

    UFC 69: Shootout was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on Saturday, April 7, 2007 at t....

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  • 09 Feb 15:58 GMT
    Shootout! series tv


    Shootout! was a documentary series featured on The History Channel and ran for two seasons from 2005 to 2006. It depicts a....

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  • 09 Feb 2013 15:58 GMT
    Parking Shootout series tv

    Parking Shootout

    A guy gets into a gun fight inside a parking lot building, Will he make it out alive?....

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  • 09 Feb 2003 15:58 GMT
    44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out series tv

    44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out

    After a failed bank robbery, two heavily armed men hold the Los Angeles Police Department at bay for 44 minutes.....

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  • 09 Feb 1974 15:58 GMT
    Shootout in a One-Dog Town series tv

    Shootout in a One-Dog Town

    A small-town banker is forced to protect his town against a vicious gang of bank robbers determined to get the $200,000 st....

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  • 09 Feb 2003 15:58 GMT
    Clarkson: Shoot-Out series tv

    Clarkson: Shoot-Out

    2003 has been the best year for new cars ever. But I’m not interested in reliability, fuel consumption or even cup holde....

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  • 09 Feb 15:58 GMT
  • 09 Feb 2019 15:58 GMT
    Shootout at Shadow Mountain series tv

    Shootout at Shadow Mountain

    A hilarious modern musical melodrama written and directed by TJ Davis. It’s a rip-roaring’ Western adventure starring....

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  • 09 Feb 1991 15:58 GMT
    Soccer Shoot-Out series tv

    Soccer Shoot-Out

    Italia 90 was another fascinating tournament, a melting pot of different styles, culture and technique. The biggest tourna....

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  • 09 Feb 2020 15:58 GMT
    Shootout at Alair series tv

    Shootout at Alair

    Akhtar kills a policeman every year on the day of the Mecca Masjid blasts. Soon, Akhtar is encountered. However, after sev....

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  • 09 Feb 2003 15:58 GMT
  • 09 Feb 2005 15:58 GMT
    Shoot-Out series tv


    Two men playing a game of basketball one-on-one to the death.....

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