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Big Person is Such a cute person! [Orang Besar-besar ni kiut pe!]


Music, Drama

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90 min Music 0 USD

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This musical tells the story of a girl named Nurul Aiman who possesses a chubby body, less-than-desirable physical features and a naive but kind heart. Despite her looks, she is as much a lady as other girls her age. Her best friends are Lana dan Azadan, whom she has known since childhood and she lives in a backwater village with her mother Lia, her father Hairil and her grandmother Nenda Zaimah. In school, Aiman is friends with a guy named Johari, who is good-looking and smart, and who also secretly harbours feelings for Aiman. At the same time, Lana and the most popular girl in school, Rita, fancy Johari.

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