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LEGO Hero Factory: Ordeal of Fire streaming


LEGO Hero Factory: Ordeal of Fire movie

LEGO Hero Factory: Ordeal of Fire

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Heroes Preston Stormer, Mark Surge, William Furno, and Natalie Breez are outgunned by Fire Lord and his gang of Fire Villains and Surge makes a sacrifice to save the others. After they escape, Stormer, Furno, and Breez are upgraded to more powerful 2.0 versions with the “upgrade” technique and then go back to save Surge. Fire Lord captures Stormer and tells them of the Fire Villains’ history as mining bots. Corrupted by power, the Fire Villains sought to become more and more powerful. Stormer, Furno, and Breez then capture the Fire Villains with the help of Nathan Evo and Julius Nex.

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