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"In The Moonless Night, the whole of Albania seems to head for the coast by train in order to emigrate to the West. So too is 16-year-old Rudina and her strict and secretive grandfather, who have left their village with that aim in mind. In the train, Rudina meets Gjergj, who is on his way with his friend Millo. The grandfather tries at all costs to keep the two away from each other, but is left powerless in the train when Rudina and Gjergj miss the train at the station. As they continue their journey on foot, they get to know each other better. When they reach the beach, the local Mafia is busy organising the smuggling of people and goods. When the train travellers arrive there too, it slowly becomes clear how much Rudina's grandfather tries to hide about his past and why he doesn't want the two young people to be together." - IFFR

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