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Return to Flight HD: The Inside Story streaming


Return to Flight HD: The Inside Story movie

Return to Flight HD: The Inside Story

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Chronicling details of the NASA STS-114 space shuttle mission from the planning stage through the landing.



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Hosted by legendary broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite, this program follows the step-by-step process of rehabilitating the outdated shuttle and documents the extensive training the new crew endured during their preparation. Witness the launch of flight STS-114, with status updates as the mission unfolds. We'll hear from the crew themselves as they install the new satellite-repair mechanism on the International Space Station and fix the re-entry panels on the outside of the shuttle. From planning to landing, every detail of NASA's Return to Flight mission is showcased. Hear from the experts and the astronauts as the dramatic story of STS-114 is recounted in high definition both on the ground and in space.

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