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The Residents Play Wormwood

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The Cryptic Corporation


Curious Stories From the Bible


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Live performance from American art rock collective The Residents. Recorded in Bonn, Germany on July 16, 1999 from a live web cast for Museumsmeile. The Residents play a selection of songs in which they give their unique take on the Bible and its many stories. About the stories found in Wormwood: "All versions of the Bible are translations that reflect the politics and religious prejudices of the organization paying the cost of the translation. Even with this filtering, the Bible remains one of the most horrific and depressing books ever compiled. For the Bible to be looked upon as spiritually uplifting is good and useful, but that view overlooks the Bible's abundant images of plague, torture, and cruelty. It is this dichotomy that gives balance and substance to the book. Without both, the dark and the light, there is no measure of either, only the bland reassurances that pass for organized religion today." - The Cryptic Corporation

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