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Geki iki okusama: Shikumareta kairaku streaming


Geki iki okusama: Shikumareta kairaku movie

Geki iki okusama: Shikumareta kairaku

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Drama, Romance

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70 min Drama 0 USD

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Shinichi and his younger wife, Saki (Marina Yuuri), are newly married, but Shinichi's thin salary makes life difficult and Saki is looking for a part. After that, Saki, who won the public corporation apartment that she applied for in commemoration of her engagement, becomes close to a woman named Mika who lives in the room next to her and lives with her unemployed husband. One day, Mika learned that Saki was looking for a part, and brought a bottle of umeshu, which her parents had made. And Saki knows that this plum wine is Mika's source of income that supports her husband who is unable to get a job...

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